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Florists, take charge of your client gifting that will be sure to leave a WOW first impression on your ideal clients

Ahhh florists,… don’t you just love off-season?

Ha! That’s a joke! If you’re anything like me, the off-season is still very much, well, ON. This is however a GREAT time to work on some of those yearly projects that don’t get attention during the traditional wedding season. One of those projects…
Client gifting. 
Last week I shared a peek at one of my new client gifts and my DM’s popped off about 1 thing in particular…

Where did you get that box?

It’s true, don’t we all just LOVE a beautifully designed, well-crafted box?! They make any day feel like Christmas! 

Here are three tips to uplevel your client gifting TODAY…

  • Invest in well-branded items! Boxes, cards, gifts, you name it. It’s worth it to invest in the memorable “wow factor”. And yes, I’ll link THE boxes I use down below (sadly not an affiliate for them. I just think they’re super cool boxes, and that you should have them too!) 
  • Make it personal! Don’t just throw the same gift in a box when your client books, take a moment to customize it. And if that feels scary or like too much of a time commitment, at least take the time to write out a personalized card. 
  • Celebrate REAL life! Yes, it’s super dope when people book with you! Send them a gift! But it’s also awesome when they have a baby, celebrate a birthday or anniversary, have their engagement photos, so on and so on! Don’t be afraid to drop a gift or card in the mail to celebrate them or just because! Be there for their wedding planning moments and their real-life moments too! 
  • BONUS: Plan out gifts for fellow vendors! Send them a quick thank you when they refer you, send you a gallery, are having an editing day, or even just to introduce yourself if you’re on the same vendor team as them. Remember vendor friends, are the best friends. 
And just as a friendly note, you can have the best gift in the world, but it won’t matter if you don’t truly have a heart to love and serve your client well. Start cultivating a habit of serving your clients well throughout your entire client experience & the gifting just becomes the fun cherry on top!

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