The KEY to Light & Airy Photos




My top tips for achieving the light and airy Instagram look while not sacrificing the true colors of your flowers…

Ok, you LOOOVEE those beautiful light and airy Instagram feed but maybe you’re staring at your camera roll feeling the disconnect between it and a beautiful grid. You take dozens (hundreds, maybe even?!) of iPhone photos when you have those beautiful blooms in your studio, and then… nothing! They live forever in your camera roll and you never post them!

Maybe you:
-don’t feel equipped to edit or just don’t have the time
-don’t actually love the end product of the photo and don’t feel like they show off your talent
-haven’t figured out how to create a cohesive Instagram feed
-just plain know you’re not a photographer and give up on the aesthetic of your photos
-or you just handed off the bridal bouquet and in the rush of it all, forgot to take a pic! Ope!

Lean in my friends because here are 3 tips for up-leveling your camera roll shots!✨

  1. Find a nice, non-distracting background! If you’re going for that light and airy feel find a lighter background like a white wall.
  2. Natural light is your friend! And think about this one! Depending on where your windows and doors are different times of day will look darker than others. Personally, my whole house looks super dark around noon because the sun is directly over us. We get those beautiful bouquet shots around 4 pm!
  3. Plan time for photos. Is super easy to get caught in the hustle and bustle of a wedding weekend but put it on your to-do list or even in your timeline to snap a few pics.

Bonus content: take a few videos while you’re at it. I don’t know if you’ve heard but videos are kinda king on Instagram so snag a few videos while you’re taking photos.

If you’re a florist drowning in unused camera roll pics, and you’re ready to take charge of that Instagram feed, then save this post to totally up-level your photography game! 📸

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