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Discover the two goals I have as a florist meeting with a new bride so you can best learn how to plan for your next consultation…

Ok, Brides! This is for you if you’re still in the process of booking your dream florist for your wedding! ✨
I get asked all the time, “what should I expect when I’m meeting with a florist for the first time?” We call this your initial consultation, and I’m so glad you asked! 😏 Sit back, and let me tell you how to best plan for a consultation with a florist by sharing the two goals I have when meeting with a new bride.

I have two simple goals during a consult:
1️⃣Get to know you PERSONALLY!
And 2️⃣ Find out exactly what you’re looking for Michaela Mantarian Floral Design Co to provide for your wedding day.

Bride holding bouquet

I take such pride in getting to know my couples on a highly personal basis – let’s be honest, they feel more like friends than clients when I finally hand over your bridal bouquet on your wedding day. So, during our time together, one of my goals is really to get to know you! I want to hear all about you guys (jobs, pets!, wedding dreams) let’s gush over it all.

Secondly, During your initial consultation, I will want to hear anything and everything about your vision! We’ll go over specific needs and also dream about what design elements could elevate your aesthetic – things like statement pieces, lush tablescapes, taper candles, and other rental items I have available for you! I’ll go over my design process and will break down a plan to provide you with the best one-of-a-kind blooms for your big day! We’ll cover so much more than just flowers. I want to hear about what inspires you, what you are most looking forward to for your wedding, and what you’re looking for in a florist! 🌸

I DON’T expect you to be a floral expert, BUT it’s always helpful to come with an idea of what your needs are! This can be as simple as a Pinterest board that speaks to your dream color palette and design, knowing the number of items you need (bouquets, tables, etc.), and an idea of your ideal budget!

If you need a little help getting started on how to plan for a consultation with a florist, snag my FREE initial consultation checklist here! 💌


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