Monthly Review: March 2021




Hello, hello & let me be the first to wish you happy April!

There’s no foolin’ over here! Let me welcome you to my little corner of the internet where I get to share all things Michaela Mantarian, flowers, tips & tricks, life, and everything in between with you! I’m so grateful you’re here!

March was warm and sunny and all-around delightful! It was a month of rest for us around here and we soaked up every moment of it before Wedding Season hits. Here are just a few of my March highlights:

  • We were able to provide bouquets for 15 highly deserving Social Workers earlier this month!
  • I spent my birthday at Disney World! Can you say best day ever!? Hello to allll the mickey snacks!
  • I visited Waco, Texas for a trip to Magnolia with some of the best entrapernural gal pals around! Check them all out because, I promise you, these world changers are worth following:  Kara EvansKate SpencerAutumn HodakJillian Hoffman & Sarah Hemenover
  • We ripped up the carpet in our sunroom and replaced it with a super pretty, light-grained laminate. I guess you can say I’m really an adult now that I’m getting excited about new things like flooring!
  • And we announced that we’re HIRING over here at Michaela Mantarian! We’re so excited to grow our team!

Yep, my friend, you read that right!! We’re looking for highly motivated, joyful, helpful, and kind individuals to join our team! If that sounds like you OR if you just love flowers and want to know more this just might be the job opportunity for YOU! Take a moment to click the link below where you can read full job descriptions and apply to join the team!

Well, that just about wraps up March on my end of things! Spring has sprung and I’m so looking forward to April! April will not only be a launch for wedding season but it might just also be a launch for some exciting Michaela Mantarian updates!

Grateful you’re here, friend! And happy April to ya!

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