Floral Design Tip: Color Palette Advice




Select the perfect color palette to bring cohesion to your overall design

When it comes to picking your color palette, think and design with the end in mind! 

Many flowers come in a variety of shades and will be difficult to “match” just perfectly. I always encourage brides to think beyond matching flowers to their bridesmaid dresses and instead, coordinating with them to enhance the overall design. Think of just how many shades of “pink” or “blush” there are out there! Plus, sometimes one single bunch of flowers will have varying shades in it. Even a single flower can have different tones to it. 

Having a well-designed color palette will allow your florist to use it to enhance your day by bringing a sense of cohesion and coordination. 

If you’re unsure of your color palette, be prepared with one or two colors you want to see incorporated and let your florist work their magic designing the rest!

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