Floral Design Tip: Keeping Your Flowers Fresh




Ok, you just picked out your super cute, modern, and fresh bouquet at The Flower Cart or grocery store and now it’s sitting in your kitchen. How do you ensure your flowers stay fresh and looking their best? Here are a few tips on processing and caring for those fresh floral bouquets…
  • First, remove the wrapping and give all of the stems a fresh cut at a 45-degree angle.
  •  Next, remove any foliage that will fall below the waterline (this will keep bacteria from building up and will make your flowers last longer).
  • Take a look at the vase you’ll be using and re-cut stems that are too long or disproportionate to the size of the vase.
  • Fill your vase with fresh, cool water and drop in your blooms!
  • Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight and swap out your water every few days to keep your blooms looking fresh! 

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