Floral Design Tip: Using Baby Blue Eucalyptus




Baby Blue Eucalyptus is a standing FAVORITE item at The Flower Cart! We absolutely love it and sell out of it almost every week! Why is it so popular? Well, while it not only is beautiful greenery to add to any bouquet, it can help make your life a little less stressful too! Yep! Not, kidding! So why is it so popular?

We recommend stocking up on 5-10 stems of baby blue and hanging them in your shower! It will create the ULTIMATE relaxation environment! Trust me when the steam from your shower hits those fresh stems, you’ll never be the same! For best results swap out your stems for fresh ones every week or two.

Grab your bouquet of fresh Baby Blue when The Flower Cart makes its debut at the Farmer’s Market on May 29th!


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