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In a recent study, 92% of people trusted recommendations from friends and family
above all other forms of advertising
when making a purchasing decision. 

Moments Over Marketing


At best, the level at which you value client experience will land you a word-of-mouth recommendation from onlooking vendors, thankful mothers, and watchful friends…
At worst, it will leave your dream clients with a sour taste in their mouth. Yikes.

  • You’re getting ghosted from dream clients because there’s nothing that is setting you apart from the florist (or floral shop) next door. 
  • The clients you do book are simply that – clients and not friends. You don’t get the raving reviews you’d thought you’d see!
  • Your CRM is all over the place, so you’re working overtime and confusing potential clients while you’re at it.
  • Your website isn’t user-friendly, and your words don’t connect as you’d hoped, a.k.a couples are window shopping and not buying.
  • You don’t have the infrastructure to charge for the luxury weddings you desire. 
  • You’re head down on wedding days, so you’re not connected to other vendors who would send couples your way. Yikes.
  • Gifting and “going above and beyond” feels like a mental space you don’t have the capacity to learn on your own.

 learning the importance of client experience:

  • Booking clients without even lifting a finger because of word-of-mouth recommendations (a.k.a not paying for ads or working until midnight trying to stand out online).
  • Getting 5-star reviews and personal texts from clients gushing about their florals and wedding experience with YOU as their florist. 
  • Gaining confidence and hours of time back because your CRM is working for you instead of the other way around. 
  • Receiving compliment after compliment on your website from clients and fellow vendors who are proud to recommend you.
  • Tripling your minimum for wedding florals and 4x your labor fees. (Yup! This is my personal journey, and I’m sharing it all in this course.)
  • Showing up on wedding days excited to celebrate, continue relationships, and gift in a way that makes you stand out by all the inquiring eyes around you. 

you learned my tried-and-true process of excellent client experience: 



 The day of the wedding, Michaela and her team were so sweet and welcoming to us and all of our other vendors. We could not recommend Michaela more to anyone, she is truly one of a kind and we are so honored and thankful that we got to work with such a talented person.

- Goda Pauga    |     Bride

Here's what Clients have to say...

Michaela made me feel so at ease the day of our wedding. She will exceed your hopes and dreams!!

From previews of our flowers on wedding week, to hugs and best wishes when she dropped off the bouquets the morning of, Michaela made us feel like we were her only clients.

- Anna Keenan    |     Bride

Here's what Clients have to say...

She has a passion that shines through her work and even just when speaking with her! You are in the best hands when choosing Michaela! 

- Kailey Yocca    |     Bride

Here's what Clients have to say...


Let me show you how! Learn more here.

After serving over 100 couples, I’ve learned that excellent client experience is the number one way I stand out in an over-saturated industry.

A.k.a Simply dropping off your gorgeous bridal bouquet won’t make a lasting impression, but how you do it will.

75% of my calendar for the year is booked solely from recommendations and relationships I’ve built before, on, and after my wedding days.

Hey friend, Michaela here! 

Mastering your client experience game will change your career as a florist as you know it, no matter what skill level you’re at. Guaranteed. 

Before I became a six-figure published florist, I served as the Director of Guest Services for half a decade… even more, I have a Master's Degree that focuses on impeccable guest experience. 

Is it safe to say I’m a tad *bit* obsessed with creating impressions that go far beyond the checklist? (Yes.) 

This course is the mecca of all my courses and the heartbeat behind my “why” for every wedding or floral event I serve.


Bonus? Client experience done well is instantly reflected in the paycheck.

Want to replicate the way I serve my couples? 

Keep scrolling to find out how! 

Meet   Your Instructor

I’ll take inspiration from your color palette and dream aesthetic and turn it into an exquisite floral design that tells the unique story of you! I’ll take inspiration from your color palette and dream aesthetic and turn it into an exquisite floral design that tells the unique story of you!

Meet Your Instructor

My niche might be light & airy florals, but what sets me apart is a bespoke client experience that matches the level of luxury design I aspire to.

Become The Number One Florist Pick In Your Area Without Marketing. 

The Florist’s Guaranteed Path To Make Lasting Impressions That Book Dream Clients, Create a wow-factor, And Scale Their Business All Through Client Experience.



Let me show you how! Learn more here.

Stop joining the hustle culture of wedding after wedding to make another dollar; shift your mindset to learn how to serve each couple to the best of your ability. Client experience done well is the smallest investment with the highest return for your beloved business.

Take the guesswork out of leaving a lasting impression and steal my tried-and-true process of excellent client experience. Get instant access to my exact email templates from first inquiry to after-wedding reviews. My full wedding day process is yours for the taking!

Start implementing what you learn before an inquiry even lands in your inbox, and watch how you’ll scale your business organically. Client experience begins before couples are officially your clients and has no expiration date. This is the best way to scale your minimums authentically.

Step 01.

Step 02.

Step 03.

Shift Your Mindset

Learn My Process & Make It Your Own

Begin & Scale

My Proven Pricing Structure and Teachings
My Current Industry Pricing Breakdown Guide: Expanded Edition
Exclusive Course Notes
How-to Customize Pricing For Your Business
The Floral Estimate Template for 15-minute Proposals
Real life wedding exampes 
1:1 Early Bird Coaching Call 

My Proven Pricing Structure and Teachings
My Current Industry Pricing Breakdown Guide: Expanded Edition
Exclusive Course Notes
How-to Customize Pricing For Your Business
The Floral Estimate Template for 15-minute Proposals
Real life wedding exampes 
1:1 Early Bird Coaching Call 

Here’s what you’ll learn in Elevating Excellence:

Your Course Roadmap



✓ The mindset shift that books calendars and gets first pick for florist recommendations

✓ How the floral industry is failing to serve its clients 

✓ Upping your technique to match the luxury service you desire

Set the foundation by redefining what client experience is and can look like for your unique setup. Learn how I booked 75% of my calendar solely through vendor recommendations! 

Module 01: Introduction

✓ How to answer wedding and floral questions before they’re asked

✓ Strategy for your web design and social media presence

✓ Building trust online before you’ve even established contact

Module 02: Pre-Contact Form Experience

✓ Inquiry and welcome questionnaire walkthrough to streamline potential clients to an official booking

✓Templates for emails, pre-consultation questionnaires, and personalized videos that guarantee you won’t be ghosted

✓Consultation, lookbook, and contract etiquette 

Take a peek over my shoulder as I show you a step-by-step workflow for those who are inquiring about booking me! You’ll get access to my welcome questionnaire, my exact email templates, how I create personalized videos, & my floral estimate cheatsheet (this is a great way to see when it’s time to charge more!).

Module 03: The booking Experience

✓Floral drop-off etiquette and my personal gift guide for clients and vendors

✓Ways to connect with vendors in person

✓General courtesies (and big mistakes!)

Learn how to stand out by the way you attend to your couple’s biggest day yet. You’ll be surprised to know how many eyes are watching how you serve, connect, and set the tone through your actions. 

Module 05: Wedding Day Experience

My Proven Pricing Structure and Teachings
My Current Industry Pricing Breakdown Guide: Expanded Edition
Exclusive Course Notes
How-to Customize Pricing For Your Business
The Floral Estimate Template for 15-minute Proposals
Real life wedding exampes 
1:1 Early Bird Coaching Call 

✓Secure raving reviews from dream clients 

✓Send custom questionnaires to better your business

✓Learn ways to stay connected past their wedding day

Give your business the benefit of continuing relationships with your clients-turned-friends past the floral drop-off and clean-up. Ask these questions and learn how I stay connected for years after.

Module 06: Post-Wedding Day Experience

✓Ways to connect before the wedding day 

✓How to support your vendors and network within the wedding industry

✓Pre and post-wedding day gifting and surprises

Create an incredible and organic approach to networking within the wedding industry by connecting with fellow vendors. In return, they’ll be your biggest advocates when future couples inquire about a florist.

Module 07: Elevating Vendor Experience 

I need this!
What’s the next step? 

Understand that the client experience begins far before you land your dream couple. Discover how your social media presence and website are either drawing couples in or deflecting them and the importance of nurturing (or creating!) an email list.

✓ Exclusive access to my client-only Welcome Manual 

✓ Onboarding your booked clients with ease through my custom timelines and pre-wedding questionnaires for you to use

✓Building trust through connecting on socials and relieving any fear by taking sneak peek videos

Discover my exact post-contract routine and make it your own. You’ll be able to establish your professionalism with welcome manuals, personalized questionnaires, and custom timelines while also building trust through sneak peek videos and connecting on social media.

Module 04: Post-Contract Experience

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I’ve never witnessed another florist put such care into her craft. From hand-delivering the bride’s bouquet with instructions on how to hold and care for it, to always providing her photographers with extra florals to use for photographs, and even dressing in the wedding’s color palette, her wedding day experience is unmatched. 

- Lindsey Taylor | Lindsey Taylor PHotography

Here's What fellow vendors are saying...

Not only is Michaela extremely talented, she is extremely committed to serving her clients at the highest level!

- Shaylee Boose | Providence Vineyard

Here's What fellow vendors are saying...

Here's What fellow vendors are saying...

 I was blown away by the customer service that she provided to the couple... I immediately added her to my recommended vendors list because of the impact her personal touches had on the couple to set the tone for the day.

- Becky Tee | SimpliciTee


What is Client Experience  

What is Client Experience?

  • A lack of boundaries in your business with unfiltered access to you as a business owner
  • Blurry lines of professionalism wrapped up in silk bows
  • Simply a welcome gift dropped off by a faceless florist

Client Experience Is Not… 

Client Experience Is...

  • An all-encompassing mindset for your business that works on your behalf
  • A systemized, organized, and even (at times) automated approach to serving your clients 
  • Intentionally thought-out touch-points with your clients, their families, and fellow vendors that leave a lasting impression.

Learn from a Florist Educator whose work appeared in… 

A Floral Client Experience Course For… 

The Beginner

Stumbling your way through the floral industry and striving to stand out in your area? (Been there, know the feeling!) Start HERE. Let client experience set the tone and structure early on in your business and reap the benefits immediately.

Not satisfied with your bookings and struggling to keep up? It’s time to re-evaluate because your ways aren’t working. What if you could book over half your calendar simply from the way you showed up for each client? Join the course today and start using my exact templates and strategies to fill your calendar.

The Seasoned

 I am excited to implement the strategies I've learned from Michaela into my own business this year!

Elizabeth Gaffney | Blushing garden


Michaela not only walked alongside me through the growing pains of starting a new business but she’s given me such meaningful advice. From understanding market dynamics to crafting pricing that makes sense to me and resonates with my clients, she has instilled in me the confidence I needed to take that next step in my business.

-Kassidy H.



“I purchased the pricing course and took advantage of the 1:1 call that was offered with the purchase. 

The course was very clear and concise, with loads of helpful information. I intend to get on another call soon! You're a great teacher!”

- Meery | Merry & Floral


6 video teaching modules of my exact wedding flow that you can implement today
 instant access to all my email templates: from first inquiry to post-wedding reviews
exclusive access to my welcome manual for brides 


The Only Client Experience Course Designed For Florists

Elevating Excellence



✓ Lifetime Access To 7 Video Teaching Modules On Client Experience

✓ My Most Important (And Most Used!) Email Templates 

✓ Exclusive Access To My Client-Only Welcome Manual

✓ Bts Of My Wedding Day Set Up And Wedding Day Timeline Template

✓ How To Create Relationships Within The Wedding Industry And Become the First Pick For Florists

✓ Floral Estimate Template To Create Proposals In Under 15 Minutes

✓ My Exact Questionnaires For Clients: Pre-Consultation, Pre-Wedding, And Post-Wedding 

✓ Guidelines And Training Of How I Use My Client Relationship Management Tool And How You Can Get Started

✓ A Roadmap To My Exact Workflow: From First Inquiry To Post-Wedding Reviews


*Payment plans available 

Get full access to the backbones of my six-figure floral business:

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Anywhere you have wifi! It’s iPhone, tablet, and laptop-friendly. You’ll have instant access once you sign up. Check your email after you register to get started!

Q: Do I have it for life?

Yes! (and I mean that! I host on my own website, so it's here to stay, baby!)

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Q: How much time will this course take?

Get the Elevating Excellence course today

Call it what you may, but being a 3w2 (any enneagram lovers out there?) not only gives me a drive to pursue excellence, but a passion to serve. To put it simply, I’m a lady who wears many hats and I don’t just mean my favorite Gigi Pip one! However, my favorite hat to wear is the one I lovingly refer to as “your friend with flowers.” 

I’ll take inspiration from your color palette and dream aesthetic and turn it into an exquisite floral design that tells the unique story of you! I’ll take inspiration from your color palette and dream aesthetic and turn it into an exquisite floral design that tells the unique story of you!


❤︎‬ A little love note… 
More than anything, you want to serve your couples well and design something beautiful for their wedding day. But what if, as florists, there’s more to it?

What if you could serve your couples well AND have a thriving floral career without having to type in “marketing for florists” past your working hours? 

What if a client experience course designed for florists could be the ONE investment to teach you how to increase your floral sales, skyrocket your credibility, and learn how to network within the wedding industry? 

Online education for florists (and Americanos with cream!) is the heartbeat behind Michaela Mantarian Floral Design Co. It’s why I create floral education courses and started a mentorship and coaching program for florists just like you.

I don’t want you to simply learn how to make beautiful bouquets. I want you to learn how to have a successful floral career and enjoy your personal life while you’re at it.

If you’re ready to put the work in and learn a tried and true system to serve your couples well, then you’re in the right spot, floral friend.

written from the desk of Michaela Mantarian.

A Personal Letter from me, to you.



your friend with flowers

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