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We cruised with Disney Cruise Line during COVID and post-COVID, and here’s what we discovered…

Joe and I were just giddy walking back into Port Canaveral earlier this month. There’s just something extra special about the excitement that builds as you eagerly wait for your boarding number to be called for you to walk onto the Disney Fantasy (or any of the Disney ships, really!)

We cruised in January of 2022 when protocols were high and cursing had just opened back up. Now, a few months later, things are a lot different. If you haven’t had a chance to read my first blog post from January go ahead and do that now here!

I’ll be sharing what we learned but first, check out a few of our favorite cruise photos and highlights…

Here are the major differences between our cruise in January 2022 and in May 2022…

  1. COVID TESTING: In January this was so, so stressful. We waited 45 minutes in a tent anxious to get our results back after a tedious process of being tested. This time, it was much more relaxed. We were in and out of rapid testing within 10 minutes and only waited about 15 minutes for results.
  2. CROWDS: The crowds are back folks! In January, we could have a pool chair in the sun, a pool chair in the shade, and another one just to keep our food and books on. Not so this time around. Crowd levels are back to what you will remember. It was wise to get to locations early to ensure you had a good spot. That said, they weren’t closing venues due to capacity anymore either so if you wanted to go, you could always go, you just might not be guaranteed a seat.
  3. SHOWS & ENTERTAINMENT: We were back to having a show every night (one of my favorite parts!). Whether it was a broadway-style show, a talent act or a movie, there was something every night. Deck parties were back, Pirate night was back, characters roamed freely, and there was ALWAYS some sort of activity you could join (napkin folding was a favorite for us!)
  4. MASKS: In January, masks were required at all indoor locations and while Disney Cast Members took your photograph. Now, masks are not required unless you are under the age of 5. All cast members were masked (which does still make it difficult to understand them at times) but is probably a safety measure that makes everyone feel most comfortable in the long run.
  5. POPCORN: Weird category, I know. But we were super bummed when we sailed in January and realized that all popcorn locations were closed. I’m happy to report back that all popcorn locations are back open (because you can now eat inside the theater) as well as re-fillable popcorn buckets!

A lot has changed over the past few months. Bottom line, a Disney cruise now is going to feel most like how you remember it prior to COVID. Your servers will be in masks and you will need to test negative to sail, but overall it will feel just like you left it – every bit as magical as before. ✨


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Michaela loves what she does, and it is evident in all areas of her work.

- Emma Wollfe     |     Bride

Michaela loves what she does, and it is evident in all areas of her work. Michaela loves what she does, and it is evident in all areas of her work.Michaela loves what she does, and it is evident in all areas of her work.


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