A Bright and Citrus Garden Wedding at The Dalcy: Celebrating Lauren & Damiel




Colorful Wedding Inspiration at The Dalcy: How a bright color palette can make a lasting impression on your wedding day

“Michaela is unbelievable! She took my vision and brought it to life even better than i could have imagined. She has such a smooth process that made planning and communication a breeze from start to finish. Wedding planning can be STRESSFUL, but I NEVER had to stress about the florals for a second with michaela! She was also so thoughtful throughout the process. She had several touch points and would reach out with thoughtful messages and even gifts – seriously a standout vendor out of all of our vendors – so sweet and kind and thoughtful!!!

Our guests were blown away with the flowers as well, it created the perfect vibe for the event and we would recommend michaela to any family member or friend.”

Lauren Wilken

Hey friends! Michaela here…

I am thrilled to share the story of Lauren & Damiel’s beautiful wedding day at The Dalcy, a chic venue in the heart of downtown Chicago. As a florist, there are weddings that stay with you, and this one is certainly unforgettable & here’s why:

1. The Citrus Color Palette

Lauren and Damiel chose a bright and citrus color palette featuring hues of purple, pink, orange, yellow, and green. This bold choice brought an energetic and cheerful vibe to their wedding. Seeing these colors come together in our floral designs was a dream come true. It reminded me of the endless possibilities when it comes to choosing your wedding colors—don’t be afraid to mix it up and let your personalities shine through!

2. Fresh Citrus Fruit on Guest Tables

One of my favorite elements was the use of fresh citrus fruit on the guest tables! This was a fun surprise for the guests as I don’t see it done very often. It added a refreshing twist and complemented the color palette beautifully. This simple yet impactful idea can be a great inspiration for couples looking to add a unique touch to their table settings. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to incorporate natural elements into your decor!

3. Bridesmaids and Bouquets

Lauren had 12 bridesmaids, each holding a bouquet of one variety of flower, while her bridal bouquet was a beautiful combination of all the varieties. I am soOoOo obsessed with this trend and I’m so glad Lauren let us do it for her big day!

Here’s a peek of the day, beautifully captured by Melody Joy Co.

Tips for Planning Your Own Wedding

  1. Choose a Bold Color Palette: If you are a lover of color or making a statement… don’t be afraid to choose a bold and vibrant color palette that reflects your personalities!
  2. Incorporate Natural Elements: Fresh fruits or other natural elements can add a unique and refreshing touch to your decor.
  3. Personalize Your Ceremony Space: Make your ceremony backdrop special and meaningful—it’s a part of your story.

To put a bow on it…

I hope Lauren & Damiel’s wedding inspires you as you plan your own special day. If you’re looking for a florist to bring your wedding vision to life, I’d love to chat! And for more wedding inspiration, see more of our work, and fun BTS on wedding days, follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok!

Vendor Team:

Florist: Michaela Mantarian Floral Design Co.

Photographer: Melody Joy Co.
Hair: Tamara Holden
Makeup: Teresa Marie
Stationary: Lauren Felice
Coordinator: Sofie and Olive
DJ: The DJ Firm
Venue: The Dalcy

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Michaela loves what she does, and it is evident in all areas of her work.

- Emma Wollfe     |     Bride

Michaela loves what she does, and it is evident in all areas of her work. Michaela loves what she does, and it is evident in all areas of her work.Michaela loves what she does, and it is evident in all areas of her work.


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