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Welcome! My name is Michaela and I am a wedding planner turned florist with a heart to serve Chicagoland brides in a way you won't find at the flower shop around the corner.

Call it what you may, but being a 3w2 (any enneagram lovers out there?) not only gives me a drive to pursue excellence, but a passion to serve. To put it simply, I’m a lady who wears many hats and I don’t just mean my favorite Gigi Pip one! However, my favorite hat to wear is the one I lovingly refer to as “your friend with flowers.”

Done are the days with copy + paste designs; I'm here for the wild, garden-inspired beauty that speaks for itself. And, if you just said an internal “AMEN!” then you're in the right spot!

If we havent met before...

Hey Friend,

Hey friend,

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